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Perspectives ‧ Dialogue: Art Beyond Language

Group Exhibition of Joseph Wang, Li-Jen Shih, Sohn Paa, Somsak Chaituch and Jiang Miao
Location | 展覽地點: HTC Gallery (宏達電總部 新北市新店區中興路三段88號)
Date:2024.03.15 - 05.31
Opening reception: 2021.03.15 at 13:00


  "Perspectives ‧ Dialogue"transcends linguistic barriers, inviting you into an immersive dialogue of the soul. Joseph Wong's diverse interpretations of "Old Master Q" animate life's theater, while Li-Jen Shih's rhinoceros sculptures symbolize metamorphosis. Sohn Paa's acupuncture art heals, Somsak Chaituch's abstract expressions release emotion, and Miao Jiang's exploration of the universe captivates. These artists guide the conversation, with you as an active participant, collectively delving into the profound depths of art.


Current Exhibition | 當期外展

「犀捲台北:藝術 X 時尚新風潮 施力仁藝術展
"Rhino Revives Taipei" Shih Li-Jen solo Exhibition - Art × Fashion

Date:2023. 10. 21 - 12. 25
Opening reception:2023. 10. 21 From 17:30 - 21:00
Officially begin :2023. 10. 21 at 19:30
Venue|地點:台北市松山區敦化北路100號15樓OOPS 創潮玩圈、李奧國際

施力仁以其代表作《金鋼犀牛》闖出國際藝術界,該雕塑不僅成為台北地標,更在2017年和2018年威尼斯藝術與建築雙年展上受到關注。他將舉辦的「犀捲台北:藝術 X 時尚新風潮施力仁藝術展」將呈現他獨特的藝術風格,強調對自然、人類和仁慈的思考,鼓勵人們共同為美好未來努力。這次展覽代表了台灣藝術在國際上的重要聲音,彰顯藝術的力量和影響力。

   Taiwanese artist Shih Li-Jen gained international recognition through his iconic sculpture, "Golden Steel Rhino." This work not only became a Taipei landmark but also made waves at the 2017 and 2018 Venice Art and Architecture Biennale. His upcoming exhibition, "Rhino Roaming Taipei: Art X Fashion New Trend Shih Li-Jen Art Exhibition," will showcase his distinctive style, emphasizing themes of nature, humanity, and compassion, motivating collective efforts for a better future. This exhibition symbolizes Taiwan's significant presence in the global art scene, highlighting the power and impact of art.

Upcoming Exhibition | 展覽預告

Exhbitions | 展覽

A-Sun WU

2018 威尼斯雙年展

2018 Venice Biennale, Li-Jen Shih

Date: 2018. 05. 26 - 11. 25
Opening: 2018. 05. 24+25, 17:00 - 19:00