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Perspectives ‧ Dialogue: Art Beyond Language

Group Exhibition of Joseph Wang, Li-Jen Shih, Sohn Paa, Somsak Chaituch and Jiang Miao
Location | 展覽地點: HTC Gallery (宏達電總部 新北市新店區中興路三段88號)
Date:2024.03.15 - 05.31
Opening reception: 2021.03.15 at 13:00


  "Perspectives ‧ Dialogue" transcends linguistic barriers, inviting you into an immersive dialogue of the soul. Joseph Wong's diverse interpretations of "Old Master Q" animate life's theater, while Li-Jen Shih's rhinoceros sculptures symbolize metamorphosis. Sohn Paa's acupuncture art heals, Somsak Chaituch's abstract expressions release emotion, and Miao Jiang's exploration of the universe captivates. These artists guide the conversation, with you as an active participant, collectively delving into the profound depths of art.


Current Exhibition | 當期外展

Pointing to Tomorrow, King Kong Rhino, SHIH Li-Jen

Date:2024. 03. 06 - 06. 10
Opening reception:2023. 03. 06 From 16:00 - 17:00
Venue|地點:逢甲大學 (台中市西屯區文華路100號)


   The exhibition "King Kong Rhino: Pointing to Tomorrow" is a marvelous fusion of art and the future, curated by artist Shih Li-Jen. Through showcasing King Kong Rhino's creations, it aims to inspire viewers to envision possibilities for the future, igniting a journey of creativity and exploration. The exhibition will take place within the campus of Feng Chia University.

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Exhbitions | 展覽

A-Sun WU

2018 威尼斯雙年展

2018 Venice Biennale, Li-Jen Shih

Date: 2018. 05. 26 - 11. 25
Opening: 2018. 05. 24+25, 17:00 - 19:00