The Spiral of Energy - Jiang Miao Solo Exhibition

Date:2023.06. 10 - 07. 30
Opening reception:2023. 06. 10 at 3pm.



  Jiang Miao's artistic creations stem from her exploration of life, the soul, and universal energy. Utilizing the measure of heaven and earth as the core of her thinking, she presents profound reflections on the value of life, the universe, and human existence. Born in Jilin Province, China, Jiang Miao graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a master's degree. With a solid foundation in academic skills, she has gone through years of creative direction selection, from realism and printmaking to her current style. Utilizing the unique technique of carving and painting with printmaking knives, she constructs intricate acrylic paintings that establish her personal style.

Her works resemble a diary, recording each day's perception of light and the energy emitted by the universe with rich abstract colors. Each of Jiang Miao's works contains more than twenty layers of abstract paintings, with each layer carrying the artist's perception at the moment of creation, and energy and color converging layer by layer. Through Jiang Miao's carving knife, these paintings are revealed stroke by stroke, bringing forth past light and shadow colors. The works transform from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, and time and space are seemingly preserved and displayed in a three-dimensional form.

Breaking through the concept of two-dimensional space in flat artwork, Jiang Miao's works are like flowing life forms, extending into a profound and mysterious three-dimensional time and space. Like the artist's description of her work "Taoist Trinity and the Self," it is like a vast universe and an ecological circle. The dots, lines, planes, and each color in the painting are like active cells, revolving around the vortex, coexisting and co-prospering, and undergoing rebirth after nirvana. Opening the notebook containing her philosophical musings on the universe, life, and human values, Jiang Miao creates a transcendent poetic space.

Since childhood, Jiang Miao has had a profound understanding of ancient civilizations and Eastern philosophy. She uses elements such as "rotation," "heavenly eyes," and "eight trigrams" to outline the mystery of universal energy, reflecting her deep contemplation on the soul, spirit, and body.

These paintings are not just flat artwork but three-dimensional works with depth and dimensionality. Each layer contains the artist's perception and emotion, each layer is a memory of a period of time, and each layer weaves a poetic world. Depth, light and dark, and warm and cold colors show an unlimited sense of rhythm in layer-by-layer overlay and deepening transition, recording the light and warmth of the artist's life. Jiang Miao is not just an artist but also a philosopher. Her works embody profound contemplation on the universe, life, and human values, creating a transcendent poetic space, and reflecting her deep contemplation on the soul, spirit, and body.

In addition to acrylic sculpture painting, the artist also created the "Water. Sphere" series, using color, light, and spatial layout to create her complex and delicate thoughts and energy. These works blend the artist's feelings about all things in the world and convey her enlightenment through landscape elements. At this time, the artist delves into the inner realm and opens up her perception of life, shifting from concrete representation to the abstract spiritual level. The creation is the crystallization of her spiritual journey over many years, making her work not only an art form but also an expression of the soul and a display of profound thinking.

Recent Work

Taoist Trinity and the Self | 始基之輪迴系列
In the beginning, all things were created and will be reborn after destruction. It is a vast system of space, where cells and atoms alike seek the gateway to regeneration, revolving along the vortex. The artist believes that the wheel is a representation of the soul symbol, much like the Eastern wisdom of the dragon totem. Wisdom is the path that leads straight to the divine, and when it spins, it forms a massive magnetic field, giving birth to live and opening up the heavens and earth. Jiang Miao's artwork lies beneath more than twenty abstract paintings, portraying life as a swirling trajectory of the universe's initial kinetic energy. These paintings originated from Jiang Miao's sensations of the sun, air, temperature, wind, and other elements of the day. These sensations were combined to create a color palette, which was then overlaid with another palette the next day. Through the use of knife reduction, the artist excavated the work with dots, lines, and surfaces, forming the final color scheme. By peering into the past colors, Jiang Miao glimpses the truth of her art, created through physical experience and revealed through the work itself.

Taoist Trinity and the Self 2023.2.22

2023 Ø 217cm Acrylic on Board

Taoist Trinity and the Self No.28

2019 Ø 155cm Arcylic on Board

Taoist Trinity and the Self No.31

2020 Ø 217cm Acrylic on Board

Taoist Trinity and the Self No.44

2021 Ø 217cm Acrylic on Board

Taoist Trinity and the Self 2022.9.2

2022 Ø 90cm Acrylic on Aircraft Aluminum Panel

Heavenly Eyes | 天眼系列
It inspires people to view enlightenment and rebirth with human eyes and heavenly eyes respectively. The eye of god sees the truth.

Heavenly Eyes No.35

2020 190 x 120cm Acrylic on Board

Heavenly Eyes No.36

2020 190 x 120cm Acrylic on Board

Heavenly Eyes No.48

2021 90 x 55cm Acrylic on Board

Heavenly Eyes 2022.7.30

2022 90 x 55cm Acrylic on Board

Heavenly Eyes 2022.8.28

2022 90 x 120cm Acrylic on Board

Heavenly Eyes 2022.10.16

2022 120 x 95cm Acrylic on Board

Heavenly Eyes 2022.9.28

2022 66 x 55cm Acrylic on Board

Heavenly Eyes No.20

2018 90 x 55cm Acrylic on Board

Mindfulness | 正覺系列
The key to cracking the code with your mind.
Auspice | 瑞系列

Rebirth | 重生系列
Spirit, soul, body, experience refresh sort of reorganization.

Eternity | 永恆系列
數學世界裡,∞ 無限符號描繪出無垠無盡的概念;而奇妙的量子力學中,「永生」的主題則超越時間的常規,豐富著存在的意義。同樣地,在佛學中,「無始無終的時間」被凝聚在「輪回」之詞中,凸顯生命循環的永恆本質。
In the realm of mathematics, the symbol of infinity signifies boundlessness and endlessness. In the fascinating world of quantum mechanics, the concept of eternal life takes on a new meaning, encompassing the idea of existence beyond our conventional notions of time. Similarly, in Buddhism, the notion of time without beginning or end is encapsulated in the term "Samsara," highlighting the infinite and cyclical nature of existence.
Water · Sphere | 水 · 界系列
The mountains and waters nurture energy and life, a home to replenish the soul.

Water · Sphere No.33

2023 120 x 190cm Oil on Canvas

Prints and silk scarf | 周邊系列
The mountains and waters nurture energy and life, a home to replenish the soul.