施力仁 1955年生於台灣彰化,受邀參展2017威尼斯藝術雙年展、2018威尼斯建築雙年展、奧地利塞爾斯堡藝術節、2019義大利巴薩諾.德爾格拉帕城市博物館-斯特姆宮殿-穿越時空500年與杜勒對話展…等國際型大展。致力於透過創作宣揚華人文化之精隨及對生態環保議題的關注,其犀牛雕塑作品象徵著人類文明的亙久,表達藝術家對自然的關懷及愛護。施力仁的創作是精彩且多元的,從「犀牛家族」、「元寶犀牛」走向「金鋼犀牛」可以看見思維的與時俱進,昂首向上、迎向未來。

Shih Li-Jen is an artist born in Taiwan in 1955. He grew up in a family of shoe designers but did not pursue formal training in art. Instead, he worked in a variety of industries, In 1982, Shih founded the Modern Art Gallery, a leading gallery in Taiwan representing European and Chinese masters. His work at the gallery exposed him to a wide range of artistic styles and techniques, which eventually inspired him to create his own sculptures. At the age of 60, Shih decided to leave the gallery to his family and focus on his own artistic pursuits. He had his first solo exhibition and began to gain recognition for his unique style and use of materials.
Shih's focus on creating rhinoceros sculptures is a bold statement about the urgent need for humans to take responsibility for their impact on the planet. His sculptures carry a strong message that resonates with audiences worldwide and are highly sought after by museums and private collectors.
His sculptures are made from materials such as clay, bronze, stainless steel, iron, and even porcelain, and are selected based on the character of the work. Shih's art is deeply inspired by his love for nature and the environment, and his rhinoceros sculptures draw attention to the urgent need for environmental conservation.
Shih's work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and shows, including the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai and the Venice Biennale in 2017 and 2018. His message of environmental conservation has resonated with audiences around the world. Shih's art is a powerful statement about the need for balance between humans and the environment, and his rhinoceros sculptures serve as a poignant reminder of the devastating effects of human actions on the natural world. He continues to be a leading figure in the world of sculpture, and his focus on environmental conservation through his sculptures is an inspiration to many. Shih Li-Jen's art is a reminder that everyone has the power to make a difference. His work will continue to influence and inspire future generations to take action toward preserving the planet for future generations.