Current| 當期展覽


Date | 展期 2011. 03. 21 - 04. 03
主辦單位 中華文化聯誼會、中國美術館



The exhibition will showcase more than 160 pieces of works that Mr. Liu Guosong has created from 1949 to 2011, and focus on development tracks from tradition to innovation during his 60-year artistic creations, thus developing into his own unique style. Liu Guosong started to learn traditional Chinese painting at the age of 14, and then was attracted by Western modern art; therefore, he changed his path to wholesale westernization and founded "May Art Association" which created modern art movement. In 1960, when he was 28, he felt that it was inappropriate to blindly follow and imitate the popular models of Western modern art, so he restored Chinese ink from oriental painting school. Then, he engaged himself in innovating wash paintings and promoting the modernization of Chinese paintings, and lifelong committed himself to creating new images of wash paintings with both Chinese and modern elements. Since the reform and opening up, he constantly travelled between Taiwan and mainland. He has created Universe Series and Tibet Suites, and even those series of satellite launching inspired by nature and real life. Meanwhile, he has also found out new formal languages of Chinese paintings between the abstract and the concrete. Since 1966, Liu Guosong has been invited to many art galleries and museums around the world to hold his solo shows for nearly 100 times. He has also participated in many international art exhibitions and won awards. In 2007, he was invited to hold an exhibition named "Universal in the Mind—60 Years of Painting by Liu Guosong" and an "international forum" in the Palace Museum in Beijing. This exhibition is Mr. Liu Guosong's another large-scale exhibition held in Beijing. His unusual creations will definitely present totally different features.