Run to Victory | 奔向勝利

語音導覽 青銅 450 x 160 x 220cm


The artwork "Run to Victory" embodies the sturdy and robust physique of the rhinoceros father with its strong and stable limbs, showcasing its powerful energy in defending its home. The armor it wears also represents the strong and responsible character of a father who leads his family. The depiction is not merely a realistic portrayal or reproduction of the rhinoceros, but it incorporates a humanistic and structural expression. The rhinoceros horn transforms into a perfect symbol of leadership - the thumb - representing its powerful strength and responsibility for family heritage. The torch symbolizing victory becomes the tail, transforming the rhinoceros from a classical representation to a modern vocabulary of inheritance and exploration.

One of the limited 8 pieces of this artwork is collected by the Shanghai Municipal Government, and it is currently displayed facing the Jing'an Temple on Nanjing West Road, representing the harmony between public social interaction and the spatial environment, creating a monumental presence. In ancient times, the rhinoceros symbolized prosperity and well-being, as well as possessing a mysterious power. The rhinoceros family represents the warmth and happiness of family ties, whether between husband and wife or father and son, making it the best expression of Shih Li-Jen's personal emotions.