Harley King Kong | 哈雷金鋼

語音導覽 不銹鋼 Stainless steel  198 x 60 x 130cm



The artwork "Halley King Kong" draws inspiration from the powerful and primitive rhinoceros, which transforms into a symbol of spiritual strength and resilience. Through the fusion of the rhinoceros' sturdy mountain-like back with the mystical Qilin spine and the Vajra staff, the artwork creates a powerful and striking image that speaks to the enduring values of human culture. The rhinoceros, with its humanoid thumb-like feature and towering titanium horns, embodies the spirit of fairness, justice, and upward mobility that lies at the heart of many philosophical traditions. At the same time, the rhinoceros' posture and movement convey a sense of stability, serenity, and dignity that is both calming and uplifting. Through its integration of contemporary artistic language and industrial anchor elements, the artwork also speaks to the complex relationship between civilization and nature. By blending elements of motors and saddles, the artwork creates a sense of speed and passion that is tempered by a deep respect for the natural world and a commitment to environmental sustainability. In this way, "Halley King Kong" becomes not just a work of art, but a philosophical meditation on the enduring values of human culture and the complex relationship between civilization and nature. It speaks to the need for balance, harmony, and resilience in our lives and in the world around us.